mr. telephone man

the image that kicked off [en]frame photography

i wonder how many people have started their very first blog post with “testing, testing. . . 1, 2. . . is this thing on?”

here it goes . . . i don’t really know HOW to write a blog and you should have seen me just trying to figure out this whole wordpress thing…i’m still not sure i completely get it; we’ll see how it goes. i’m also not really sure who i’m talking to when i say “you” since no one is following this blog at this point. . .  i’ve resisted starting a blog for a long time even though i think i’ll probably enjoy it and i’ll probably be able to remember more about what happens/happened in my life and lessons i learn along the way if i write it down. i’ve decided that since i don’t have my “blogger’s voice” yet let alone my blogging feet (hands?) i’m going to pretend that i’m writing these blog posts to a dear friend of mine to whom i write emails that never really get edited and my thoughts (and fingers) flow freely when i write to her…

a little about me:

my name is rachel and i’m a natural light, fine art and lifestyle photographer in scottsdale, arizona. i’m also a mom to a FULL of personality four year old boy who is a ton of fun and keeps me on my toes. i like mom blogs, but i don’t think this will be one. it also will not be a place where you will find me agreeing with pretty much any of the politics that go on here in arizona. i feel like that is necessary for me to say upfront.

i mainly started this blog as a way to give some voice to my photography and to take my photography pursuits to another level; i have been diving head-first into the world of photography as i have found that i am very comfortable and at peace behind a camera. i love photography and the way it allows me to communicate with the world. i love searching for light, focusing on the details that catch my eye, capturing a moment; finding beauty in something that others might overlook. i love images that have a balance of “masculine” and “feminine” even though i don’t necessarily subscribe to those definitions.  i love that photography takes me out of my comfort zone . . . and just out and about in general. it can often be easy to stay at home in sweats (not unlike i’ve done all day today!) but photography gets me excited about seeing new things and seeing old things in new ways. i am looking forward to sharing that here with you.

i have a background in social work and was a child and family therapist for a brief period of time before my son was born. i don’t really see myself going back to that anytime soon, but i do feel like i use a lot of what i learned in my MSW and working in the field in my daily life and that it compliments my photography as well. i want to think more about that in the future and also about ways to combine photography and social work.

i am also hoping to run some giveaways and have an idea for a fun one to kick-off the blog so stay-tuned for that.

i’m not always serious and i try to remember not to take life and myself too seriously. . . it doesn’t always happen. . . i have a sarcastic side and a soft spot for “controversial”humor. . . not that i’m not promising to share that side of me here on this blog (or that i necessarily welcome it in comments)

if you’d like to see some of my work, you can check out the links above or visit:

my portfolio:
my etsy store:

i currently shoot with a Nikon D700; some of the shots in my portfolio (including the one above) were shot with a D60. i also like to take photos with my iPhone and love instagram…you can follow me there as well: @enframephoto. i’m sure there will be at least a couple blog posts dedicated to the iPhone and iphoneography.

and finally: when i was in 2nd grade i did a lip synch in the school talent show to Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition. i wish this was a link to that specific performance. sadly, it is not . . . but who doesn’t love a little New Edition? enjoy!


  1. You are a natural. Your intelligence, warmth and lovely perspective flow as easily here as from your photographs. Look forward to reading more!

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