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sharing my heart for square inches of love

i’m really excited about participating in square inches of love, created by opex studios in los angeles, california and wanted to share the love with you.

this creative and what promises to be visually stunning project raises money for st. jude children’s research hospital by inviting artists, creators, businesses, individuals and pretty much anyone interested in participating to purchase square inches of space on (what is for now) a virtual charity quilt that will eventually become a “real-world [art] installation” that will tour the country.

for just $1 per square inch, you can send in an (appropriate) image of your choice: a photograph, a logo, your child’s name . . . or, if you prefer, you can choose a simple colored square to represent you and your contribution — there are lots of beautiful colors from which to choose — and your submission gets included in their “list of love” online along with a link to your business, website, blog (as applicable.) eventually, all submissions will be incorporated into the touring installation so your contribution has the potential to be seen by millions all over the country.

to me, it’s kind of a no-brainer. easy and fun to participate and gives you the chance to literally leave your mark and help make a difference in the lives of children and families battling cancer and deadly childhood diseases. as a parent of a healthy child who is thankful for that every.single.moment, this seemed like another great way to show my gratitude.

head over to http://www.squareinchesoflove.com today to purchase your squares — maybe our squares will be next to each other!

for more on square inches of love and information on how to participate please visit: http://squareinchesoflove.com/the-how-to/

if you need some warm-fuzziness, visit the LIST OF LOVE and see all the wonderful people who have already contributed:  http://squareinchesoflove.com/list-of-love/

oh, and when you’re filling out your donation form don’t forget, (like i did!) that the number of square inches you choose to purchase has to actually MAKE a square (or a rectangle of course; whatever makes sense for your image!)  😉

xoxo, rachel


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