[un]natural beauty

[un]natural beauty

photo taken with an iPhone 4; edited using iris app and instagram filter

tried out a new (to me) photo editing app this weekend called iris. seems to be a pretty powerful editing tool. these colors are not at all natural around here (except for maybe the endless blue skies) but i liked the effect of the “2 strip technicolor” for this shot and decided to stick with the unnatural beauty. also added a touch of “diffused glow” and some texture. finished it with a filter on instagram. i forgot to tag the shot with the filter i used, but i think it was “nashville” w/o the frame.

if you’d like to see more of my iphoneography (and an occasional peek into my personal life) you can follow @enframephoto on instagram or see some of my favorite iPhone shots here.

‘hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

– r

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