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i’m excited to announce that starting tomorrow and throughout this week you have the opportunity to win $100 worth of my photography from the wonderful folks at wemakeitsafer.com!

“wemakeitwhatnow?! what’s that??”  ‘glad you asked:

wemakeitsafer.com is a website dedicated to making the world a safer place through information and communication . . . and since i really can’t say it better than they can, here is more on the company and their mission:

WeMakeItSafer is a high-tech, social venture that builds web applications for consumers, manufacturers and retailers to improve communication around product safety information and recalls.

The “We” in WeMakeItSafer means all of us – each doing his or her part to make the world a safer place. As a company, WeMakeItSafer’s job is to build tools and services that make taking part easier.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of product-related injuries, illnesses and deaths that occur each year worldwide. In so doing, we not only save lives, we help to build stronger, more socially responsible and financially stable companies.

i am honored to have been asked by wemakeitsafer to sponsor a giveaway and am so appreciative of their support. i’m excited, too, to have learned about this new company and to pass on their mission to you. as a parent, i am especially proud to partner with a company that is working so hard to make our lives safer and better, not only for us as individuals and families, but for the companies that produce the products we use.

please visit the wemakeitsafer.com website to learn more about the company and the giveaway and to start earning “safety points” to become eligible to win up to $100 worth of prints or canvas from [en]frame photography by rachel boyer. the giveaway officially starts tomorrow (tues., feb. 7th — click on the “see what we’re giving away next” link)  but register now so you can start earning your points!

read more about how wemakeitsafer began here and good luck! i hope you win! 😉

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