whitney pointe takes a closer look at photographer gordon parks

as you (hopefully) know, february celebrates black history month. yesterday i had the opportunity to learn about an important black photographer named gordon parks from my friend and fellow photographer whitney pointe . whitney wrote a beautiful blog post about gordon parks in honor of black history month and i’d like to share her post with you (with her permission, of course. thank you, whitney!) whitney’s post speaks to the power of photography as a tool for education and social change and highlights gordon parks’ photography and his body of work as a great example.  i’m thankful to have learned about his work and think you will be too.

be sure to watch the documentary that whitney links to as well — you’ll learn a lot about the artist and about photography. and if you like what you read and see, please leave your love over at whitney’s blog:

Closer Look: Photographer, Gordon Parks | Whitney Pointe Photography.

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