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Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY by [en]frame photography by rachel boyer
brooklyn bridge in fog; bamboo plywerk photo panel
last night i was having dinner with a friend and fellow photographer (who is CRAZY talented; you should definitely check out her work . . . no i don’t ONLY hang out with and talk to other photographers, it just seems like that . . . okay, sometimes . . .) anyway, we got to talking about various ways to print and display our work and i may have let slip my tendency to not always love how prints look on canvas . . . don’t look at me like that.

anyway, i was telling her about one of the ways i’ve been presenting my photographs and thought i’d share it here as well. one of my new favorite sources for printing and displaying photography is plywerk (

plywerk offers eco-conscious (TOTAL buzzword — great to include in marketing) options for mounting and displaying your photos. bamboo and maple panels that are pre cut with a notch on the back are ready-to-hang, straight out of the box without the need for framing and glass. we all know that framing can add significant cost and if the right glass isn’t used, can actually ruin the look of a photograph or piece of art. i love that plywerk pieces don’t need frames and that people can buy my work without worrying about any extra costs. the quality of the plywerk panels is fantastic, the customer service is great and the turnaround time is very reasonable considering the mounting process.

the materials used by plywerk are archival and sustainable (buzzword buzzword) and they have a fantastic selection of papers to choose from for printing your work. so you can decide whether you want a look that has more texture or more sheen or neither — whatever works best for your photograph or artwork (*ahem* unlike canvas.) the plywerk website is FULL of information to help you choose the right combination of materials. and their prices are reasonable, especially if you qualify for their PRODEAL program (it rocks!)

i’ve been really pleased with the pieces i’ve ordered through plywerk and i’m hoping to order more soon. here are a few examples of my photography on eco-conscious plywerk panels:

monarch butterfly, maple plywerk photo panel
clouds from above, photo on 5x5 bamboo plywerk photo panel
orange poppies in the sunlight, bamboo plywerk photo panel
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