just another manic monday

oh.em.GEE, today has been a WHIRLWIND day already!!! something exciting happened this morning that i will hopefully have more information about soon and i PROMISE if/when i do i will be sharing it.

i just finished giving a little valentine’s day party at my son’s preschool that was TONS of fun, but i’m ready for a nap! to all you amazing teachers out there, THANK YOU for all that you do! i don’t know how you do it and i’m so appreciative of all of your hard work.

so anyway, given all that, i don’t have a major blog post, but thought i’d share some scenes from the weekend which included photographing the faces of these two adorable children who are as sweet as they are beautiful!

this weekend also included a double header at the movies with my husband and son. we saw Star Wars and Journey 2 and i gotta tell you, it was a lot of fun! both movies were great family entertainment — it’s hard to find movies to sit through with your children that don’t want to make you poke yourself in the arm with a fork. and i will sit through most movies as long as i’m mildly entertained, but some don’t even get to that level… for the record i did also see the artist earlier in the week and it was INCREDIBLE…for so many reasons including the amazing imagery. it was like a photographer’s DREAM in every frame. actually, i once read or heard somewhere (wish i could remember where) that if you want to be a better photographer, you should see lots and lots of movies. i think i could manage that!

oh, and also, this happened:


heart-shaped rice krispy treats for the class. yum!

i hope your week is starting out with a bang, too! xo




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