hail to the v [day]

LOVE, Robert Indiana
love is simple

haha! how ridiculous are those “hail to the v” commercials?!

. . . makes for a good valentine’s day blog post title, though, no??

warning — majorly cheesy post ahead… sometimes i can’t stop myself…

not gonna lie, i kinda love valentine’s day. maybe it’s because my parents always made a big deal about it growing up, maybe it’s because i have major sappy tendencies, maybe it’s because i am enjoying watching my son continue to learn and understand what love and friendship means, maybe it’s because i feel very loved and hopefully make others feel loved and i don’t mind a day to celebrate it! yes, definitely that last one at least. i mean, i total get the commercialization and all that other stuff . . .

but love comes in so many forms — love for our partners, friends, siblings, parents, children…for a hobby or if we’re particularly lucky, love for a job. admiration for another’s talents, for a song, a moment, for the people who read our blogs . . .

love for ourselves.

so, i kinda think valentine’s day rocks. i think it’s hard to find something bad about taking time to tell someone you love them or you’re thinking of them or they’re special to you. sad that we need a day to remind us? yes…but don’t make valentine’s day the only day you do those things. just make it the only day you do those things AND eat a crap load of candy or pay way too much for flowers and cards, k?

oh, and if you’re looking for a last-minute gift because you decided you were on a campaign against valentine’s day but reading this well-crafted blog post changed your mind (it did, right?!) . . . here is a blatant request for you to buy my work:

many of my photographs are available as digital downloads over at www.enframephotography.zenfolio.com  download, print it, frame it, make a card . . .  😉

even better, please check out the square inches of love project and create a lasting tribute to someone special: http://squareinchesoflove.com/   you can also read more about the project here.

seriously, though, thank you. thanks for stopping by here to read these posts, for leaving your love in comments and likes, for checking out my work, for lending your support and for sharing your thoughts, your friendship and your beautiful work with me. love for photography is another thing i celebrate today and i feel lucky to have this creative outlet in my life and to be able to share it. thanks for helping me do that.

celebrate today and the people that love you and that you love, and make sure that includes yourself!


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