photo inspiration: light

golden light, pecan grove, arizona
that magical golden light

let’s be honest — i’m totally taking the easy way out with this post.

1. it’s a holiday. 2. my son and husband are both home and i want to spend time with them 3. i’m a little uninspired this morning 4. i’m about to get on a bicycle for the first time in i don’t know how many years but let’s just say that the last time was somewhere around when i broke my wrist after falling off a bicycle in elementary school. . .

still, these photographs inspire me and i think they will inspire you as well, so if you have a few extra minutes, check out this board of mine on pinterest that celebrates photographs that use light in inspirational ways. somewhere at some point, and i REALLY wish i could remember the who/what/where (i tried googling just now and couldn’t come up with it) i read a line that said “stop photographing things and start photographing light” . . .

enjoy the day!!

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