[ engagement session ] saguaro lake ranch, arizona

i’ve been hard at work editing the photos from this past weekend’s engagement session …i still have more to do, but i’m just so excited about this couple and this session that i wanted to share some shots and get some images to them as fast as possible.

you know when you meet someone and you just adore them right away because you can immediately tell how warm, fun, and friendly they are? that’s the case with this couple who are as lovely individually as they are together. not to mention beautiful inside and out!

i’ve been trying to figure out how to express in words just how much i enjoyed this session and meeting these two. i wanted to tell you about all the “little things” (you know that’s my thing!) i noticed …gestures, glances, thoughtful moments between the two of them or about how thoughtful they were with me — offering to carry my things, making sure i got home from the session okay… but i don’t think i can quite capture the beauty of these two in words. i’m hoping that i’ve done it with these pictures…

i also wish i had audio to attach to the photos of him playing guitar so you could hear how beautifully he plays and sings and the song that he wrote just for her. it was hard trying to take photos while also blinking away the tears in my eyes!

here are just some of the great shots from this super-fun engagement session and this beautiful couple:


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