happy birthday, sister-friend!


as it is my beautiful sister’s birthday today, i thought i’d write and share a little bit about her.

i truly don’t know how people make it through life without a sister, whether that “sister” is a sibling or a close friend. i’m fortunate that i have a few people in my life that i consider “sister”, but my sister-sister (or sister-friend as we like to call each other) is the most special and i’m incredibly grateful for her and for our relationship. she was and is my first friend.

more times than i can count my sister is the one who understands me when no one else does. she’s the person i can ALWAYS turn to, no.matter.what. …and boy have we tested that theory! but that is the beauty of sisters. in fact, i would guess that that is one of the most beneficial things about such a relationship — the undying love and security that gives us the safety to test boundaries and learn about ourselves … my sister has also always been fiercely protective and supportive of me which is something i can’t thank her enough for. there is nothing better than knowing you have someone who is always on your side. i can only hope i’ve been half the sister and support to her as she has been to me.

my sister is also one of those people that possesses the amazing combination of sensitivity and strength; while it makes her vulnerable in ways other people may not be, it also makes her more thoughtful and caring than most and makes her one of the most beautiful people i know, inside and out.

my sister is also an amazing auntie to her nephew and the relationship they share is so special. one of my very favorite things is to watch the two of them together. she is also a talented artist and has passed on a love of art and creativity to my son — he loves painting and creating with her. she has a special way of inspiring and supporting creativity in others and has taught me a lot about art, design and creativity as well.

i think her work exemplifies what a thoughtful, inspiring person she is. below is just a small sample of that work and  of her many, many talents and life experiences.

i hope everyone is as lucky as i am to have a relationship in their life that is “sister”-like — whether it’s with your own sibling or with a close friend…it’s such a special relationship and i know i couldn’t get through my life  or be where i am without it, without her. happy birthday, sister-friend! i love you.

Untitled 17, theartistsnotebook
original artwork by aliza boyer
untitled 13, theartistsnotebook

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