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List of Love featurette presents: [en]frame photography

i’m really proud and excited to be a part of the Square Inches of Love project and to be the first up in their featurette series. you may have read an earlier post i wrote on Square Inches of Love and why i’ve chosen to participate in this wonderful project. i feel even more passionate about it as i’ve gotten to know salomé and mark, the lovely people behind the project, a bit as well as connected with some of the other participants. it’s inspiring and heartwarming to see people using their knowledge, talents and other resources to help make the world a better place and to support one another.

thank you , salomé and mark, for the light you bring to the world through this project and for what i now understand to be the light and warmth you bring to all that you do. thank you for your kind words about my work and for all the support you’ve given to me and to the other contributors. thank you for highlighting the importance of connection, of interaction and of collaboration with not only this project but in the way you seem to conduct your business and yourselves.

please take some time to read the featurette and to learn about the Square Inches of Love project and consider becoming  a part of  Square Inches of Love yourself:

List of Love featurette presents: [en]frame photography – square inches of love | square inches of love.

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