Image of the Week: Our Friends the Animals – Urban Times

hi friends! please take some time today to head over to The Urban Times website where i am super excited and honored to be featured in their Image of the Week section. i am a big fan of the photography featured on The Urban Times and am honored to be amongst such talented and thoughtful photographers and images. while you are there, spend some time on this powerful website dedicated to sharing the news of the world in a positive, “forward-thinking” way and utilizing a “spirit of collaboration” to make the world a better place. The Urban Times is a huge breath of fresh air from the increasingly negative and sensationalized media with which we’re constantly bombarded. I’m grateful to have been introduced to the work that is being done at The Urban Times; it is no wonder that this introduction first came from the Square Inches of Love project — another positive, collaborative and forward-thinking project and group of people dedicated to improving the world.

Image of the Week: Our Friends the Animals – Urban Times.

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