thanks a million, eight eleven press

a letterpress thank you card from eight eleven press by shea smith
thanks, 1,000,000

wanted to kick off  the week with a little shout-out to a talented new friend, shea smith of eight eleven press, “a small letterpress company” out of california.

recently shea made some fantastic letterpress thank you cards for me and i just love them and had to share here on the blog. the cards are perfectly simple and clever and so well-crafted and i’m excited about sending them to clients and friends of [en]frame photography. after all, what is better than a hand-written thank you note?! (please don’t tell my mom i just wrote that)

shea was great to work with, keeping in contact with me through the process of ordering, set up and printing the cards and also taught me a bit about letterpress and the printing process along the way which i always appreciate. one of the things i learned and think is extra special about shea and eight eleven press is that all of his letterpress cards are set by hand using individual type. this is the traditional letterpress method as opposed to the more modern letterpress which is done using polymer plates. i think this has a lot to do with why i love the work and style of eight eleven press  — it has modern flare but old-school charm.

shea is also a busy (and i’m willing to bet fantastic) school teacher so i’m extra appreciative of the hard work he put into these cards outside of the hours he puts in at school. also, i should point out that shea took the picture of his awesome letterpress cards that is at the top of this post. i wanted to take some shots of my own and just haven’t had time and didn’t want to wait on posting this blog so i’m using this shot that he posted on instagram (that’s how i came to know shea who you can follow on IG here) but i like his shot so much anyway so why mess with a good thing, right?!

eight elven press also creates greeting cards, custom stationery, business cards and unique prints (click that link. so awesome.) you can check out the eight elven press blog, visit the eight eleven press etsy store give ’em a like on facebook and follow shea on twitter. oh, and pinterest too, of course! who doesn’t love to stalk their favorite brands and products?! 😉

thanks again (a million!) shea for your excellent work, customer service, quality and knowledge. i’ve enjoyed working with and getting to know you a bit through this process and i’ll definitely be back for more!

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