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Circus School of Arizona, Special Event Photography, Scottsdale, Arizona

Occasionally I have the honor and pleasure of photographing events and performances for the Circus School of Arizona (CSA.) While it is often one of the trickiest shooting situations — very low light, fast moving people and objects, (In this case, I was shooting w/o a flash) among other challenges — it is also one of my favorite shooting situations and I welcome and appreciate the challenge and creativity it affords me.

Not only that, but it is SUCH a pleasure photographing these amazingly talented artist-atheletes (and that’s in no particular order as they are as much artists as they are athletes  as well as performers and crowd-pleasers) and the Circus School of Arizona team. The Circus School is made up of some of the nicest and coolest people you could meet.

The friendly, professional, talented and fun culture of the Circus School of Arizona is due in large part to the owner and talented instructor, Rachel Stegman who returned to Arizona to open CSA after many years studying, performing and teaching aerial arts in the bay area of California and performing all over the country with numerous renowned circuses and artists. Rachel teaches Aerial Acrobatics (including Rope, Tissu and Static Trapeze) at Fitness Dynamics in North Scottsdale. You can find out more info here.

Rachel and Circus School of Arizona also recently announced a new venture called CSA Events which “provides inventive concepts, unique spectacle acts, characters, fantastic multimedia arts, installations, antics, music and shows tailored to all audiences.” They recently put on a fantastic event for the community and for area event planners to showcase just some of what CSA Events can provide to make any event extra special. The showcase was held at Themers in Mesa in and amongst their amazing warehouse full of the many props and pieces that Themers owns.  The evening was truly an extravaganza — stunning from start to finish and I’m glad I got to be there and capture some of it through my lens.

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