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last week i had the opportunity to take some family photographs for a beautiful family who recently welcomed a new little one to their lives and to capture some multi-generational photos as well since grandparents were in town to visit with their newest grandchild. i can’t say it wasn’t a challenge at times trying to orchestrate a photo session with a toddler, a newborn, parents and grandparents and to try to fit photographing in between feedings, naps, diaper changes, toddler energy, dinner, getting the right light… but one of the things i love about photo sessions is the opportunity to think on my feet, to figure out how to use the challenges i’m given with each session to their advantage and the excitement that comes with finding the “gem”moments in between what can sometimes seem like chaos. i am not someone who typically likes to do a ton of posing during photo sessions, especially if children are involved and i like to try to capture — as often as possible — natural moments, expressions and interactions and the beauty of family dynamics and relationships. (i do think some sessions call for more posing and more direction but that’s a different subject and post for another time)

i love this family that i had the honor of photographing last week — i love their style, their energy, their playfulness and i just adore these two sweet little boys who are at the center of it all. the oldest brother has a smile that could melt anyone’s heart and a sweet, fun personality to match. he seems to be taking the addition of his new little brother in stride and seems proud of his role as big bro. and the new little guy seems to have an equally sweet and easy-going disposition. my face hurt from all the smiling i was doing behind the camera during this photo session and my heart was so full from the love that they all seem to share from grandma and grandpa down to the newest family member. we had a lot of fun and i hope i’ve captured some of that fun and warm, loving energy in these photos.

here are just some of the highlights from the session:

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