hi there! just want to check in and explain my absence this week. . . in all honesty, i was feeling like i needed a little break from blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etsy, etc and that i needed to take some time to recharge. months ago i worked on a business plan for my photography and that plan included making sure i still had time to spend with my family, visit with friends, photograph just for myself. . .  i haven’t done much photographing this week (although i’m hoping to change that later today) but i have been spending time with my family and also over the last few days have had the opportunity to meet up and reconnect with friends — new and old — and have had some wonderful, meaningful and fulfilling conversations which i’m so thankful for and is truly like fuel for me. it keeps me going and it’s so important.

i’m not the first to think it/say it/write it and i’m putting this here as much (if not more) for myself than anyone else who reads this: balance is key. i may not always realize right away when things are out of whack, but once i do, i need to remember what to do to help me feel more centered and connected. better yet, need to make sure i do those things before the feeling of being out of whack happens.

anyway, i hope to be back soon and that you’ll stick around. and thanks for “listening.”


  1. Must be the moon! I’ve been in the same place this week, though quite unintentionally. I had to find balance, and my goal to post a photo a day slipped – just when my readership was starting to show a significant jump 🙁 I did brainstorm a number of creative ideas I am looking forward to realizing over the next week, so that was cool.

  2. yes, yes, let’s definitely blame it on the moon! i like that! . . . and speaking of “moon” there is going to be a “super moon” on saturday so get your camera ready!! 🙂

    i think/hope that readership sticks around… we’re all only human, right?! i hope this week has been restorative for you. looking forward to seeing the results of your brainstorming!

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