[ Roundup Part II ] What to do with all those Instagram Photos

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you may remember a while back i wrote a post on some ideas for printing and displaying all your favorite instagram photos that are taking up room on your phone.  since then i’ve come across a few more great ideas that i thought were worth sharing:

as you probably know by now, one of the newest options for your instagram photos (or to purchase the photos of your favorite instagramers) is instacanvas. the creators of instacanvas have come up with a new way to print instagram photos on canvas and maintain quality up to size 20 x 20 ! so far i’ve heard great things about the quality though i’ve yet to see it in person. but they do offer a money back guarantee so that’s a major plus and makes it easier to drop a little cash on your favorite image(s.) i’ve got my eye on an image by an instagramer i follow that i think will be perfect for my home office (just waiting for her gallery to open) and i’m hoping to print some of my own images with instacanvas as well. if you’d like to check out my gallery, visit instacanv.as/enframephoto

 . . . . .

i discovered a couple more great ideas for displaying instagram photos via pinterest:

the first comes from “A Beautiful Mess” blog (click on the links for further instructions)

Make Your Own Instagram Journal – recover a journal with instagram pics

image by elsie larson of “a beautiful mess” blog

this next set of awesome instructions from the “Bits of Everything” blog isn’t specifically for instagram photos but it does utilize the same square format for the images and i think it would look great with your favorite instagram shots!

make an instagram wall collage

image by Cali of the Bits of Everything blog

the next two aren’t DIYs but they’re examples of some of the super cool things people out there can make with your art and this first one blows me away:

Stitchtagram — “Instagram pillows made by hand in Washington DC”  

how cool is that?!

pillows made from your instagram photos
image from stitchtagram.com

and finally, check out what the Etsy shop “bunch of squares” can do with your instagram photos: custom magnets, earrings, photo tiles, pendants . . . see more at http://www.etsy.com/shop/bunchofsquares

 seems like the possibilities are endless . . .  what are your favorite ways to display your instagram beauties?

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