a new perspective: photos of the golden gate bridge, san francisco, california

hi there! thanks so much for sticking around while i’ve been absent from this blog for so long. . . i plan to be back on a more regular basis from now on and will be trying to post at least twice a week through the summer.

to kick off my way too long absence, here are a few shots from our recent family trip to san francisco. we had a fantastic time and i just love that city! i hadn’t been there in many years and this was a first time visit for my husband and son so we did a lot of touristy stuff and took almost every mode of transportation you could think of — double decker bus, cable car, historic bus (my favorite!) boat, city bus, taxi and of course, saw much of the city by foot. each method of getting through the city gave us a new and different perspective.

one of my favorite things to see from various perspectives was the golden gate bridge. some of my favorite photographs are of things we’ve all seen many times but that are presented in a new way, so that was my goal when taking pictures of the bridge — to photograph it in ways that were new and different, at least to me.

the golden gate bridge, san francisco, california

california wildflowers and golden gate bridge in the background

detail underneath the golden gate bridge, black and white photograph

golden gate bridge landscape photoa new perspective on the golden gate bridge

and finally, my personal fave, captured with my iPhone:

travel photography, golden gate bridge, iphoneography, enframephoto


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