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instacanvas quality review

instagram art by @sus1esunday on instacanvas

a while back i wrote a post about fun ways to get your favorite instagram art off of your phone and onto your wall and i mentioned the instacanvas option. at the time i had not personally experienced instacanvas’ quality but now i have and wanted to give you a quick review.

(photos taken with my iPad)

i’ve been OBSESSED with a particular image by sus1esunday on instagram for a while now and was excited to learn that she had recently opened an instacanvas gallery. i am in the process of creating a home office  and really wanted this piece to hang in the room along with the other art and photos  (more on that in a future post — so excited to share all the dets with you!) i placed the instacanvas order maybe two weeks ago and the canvas arrived quickly and in great condition.

the artwork was carefully packaged:

do not crush
securely packaged
safely wrapped

and the quality of the canvas and the photo, including clarity and color, quite good. one of the things i loved about the image i chose to print was the texture in the wall and the colors of the overall image and i think those come across on the canvas as well as they did on the screen. i also loved the hint of a person in the window on the bottom right and that detail is preserved. (i know this mobile picture of a picture isn’t really going to capture the details well, but here it is anyway)

the canvas is wrapped nice and tight around the edges, the image has a clean edge all the way around and the entire thing is finished cleanly, looks great and arrives ready to hang!

tightly wrapped corners, clean edges
ready to hang










bottom line: i’m really happy with the quality of the instacanvas i ordered and would recommend it if you are looking for a great way to display your favorite instagram art. 

i also recommend checking out and following sus1esunday’s feed on instagram and her gallery on instacanvas.

*special thanks to my hubby for his fantastic hand modeling and display skills! 😉

you can follow [en]frame photography on instagram @enframephoto and visit the enframephoto instacanvas gallery 

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