[ The Cutest Trio! ] Paradise Valley, Arizona Children’s Portrait Photography

get ready because these three little boys are going to be your overdose of cute for the day!

i had the honor of photographing these three delicious faces for a specific project for one of the family’s photo walls in their beautiful home in paradise valley.

because of the nature of the assignment, we mostly focused on headshots of these cuties and here are a few favorites:

children's photographer, scottsdale and paradise valley arizona

photographing kids, scottsdale arizona children's photographer

to capture the children’s portraits we basically created a “studio” in the family’s home using a large white wall with a window to the side; for some of the portraits we used a reflector thanks to the help of the boys’ mom.

 . . . we may have also effectively utilized lollipops . . .

(never underestimate the power of a dum-dum!)

we also caught a few more candid photos outside, but it was way too hot so we didn’t stay out for long. i’m looking forward to photographing these boys some more when the weather cools down.

especially because i can’t get enough of these faces and these fun brothers!

natural children's portraiture

sibling photograph, brothers, family photography scottsdale arizona

 i can’t wait to see the final products displayed in the family’s home! thank you again to this beautiful-in-every-way family for the opportunity!

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