technical difficulties

technical difficulties; please


sorry for my absence… my hard drive crashed (!!!) and my external backup is also having issues. thankfully I also backup with Backblaze so once we get the new hard drive installed I should be able to restore everything and be back in business. . . (still crossing my fingers, just in case)

until then, take this as a sign and if you don’t already, back up yo stuff! and while you’re at it, backup your backup. the extra few dollars a month is totally worth it.


… in case you didn’t get the reference, that’s a pic from the timeless classic stand by me (is 26 years old enough for it to be “classic?” and also: OMG I feel old.)

… that Backblaze link? it’s an affiliate link. help make a silver lining in this lovely mess, eh?! 😉

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fine art and lifestyle photographer in scottsdale, arizona specializing in children and family portraiture and special event photography and celebrating all families through meaningful imagery. visit my etsy store: follow me on twitter: @enframephoto pin with me on pinterest:
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One Response to technical difficulties

  1. Technology always insists on having love/hate relationships. I keep 3 backup copies, one off-site. It’s just too costly not to.

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