[ Stand on Your Own ] Nature Photography, Flagstaff, Arizona

quick post today – it’s back to school time around here (crazy, right?!) and our son just started school full-time so super-busy + ohmygod my child’s growing up so fast/life is changing + it’s the hottest week we’ve had all summer = reminiscing for just a few weeks ago when we were on top of snowbowl in flagstaff, arizona on a family getaway in 60 degree weather. . . here’s a shot from that perspective. the sky and light was so dramatic with the storm off in the distance and the late day sunlight through the clouds; one tree, standing apart from all the other trees as if declaring it’s independence (although i’m sure on another day/at another time in my life i might interpret the scene differently and i’d love to hear your thoughts) ; complimentary colors; the scene was just begging to be photographed . . .


enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

this image and many more fine art, travel and nature photographs are available in the [en]frame photography Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/enframephotography

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