[ Stand on Your Own ] Nature Photography, Flagstaff, Arizona

quick post today – it’s back to school time around here (crazy, right?!) and our son just started school full-time so super-busy + ohmygod my child’s growing up so fast/life is changing + it’s the hottest week we’ve had all summer = reminiscing for just a few weeks ago when we were on top of snowbowl in flagstaff, arizona on a family getaway in 60 degree weather. . . here’s a shot from that perspective. the sky and light was so dramatic with the storm off in the distance and the late day sunlight through the clouds; one tree, standing apart from all the other trees as if declaring it’s independence (although i’m sure on another day/at another time in my life i might interpret the scene differently and i’d love to hear your thoughts) ; complimentary colors; the scene was just begging to be photographed . . .


enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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About enframephotography

fine art and lifestyle photographer in scottsdale, arizona specializing in children and family portraiture and special event photography and celebrating all families through meaningful imagery. visit my etsy store: etsy.com/shop/enframephotography follow me on twitter: @enframephoto pin with me on pinterest: www.pinterest.com/enframephoto
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