[en]frame photography Celebrates World Elephant Day!

raising funds for the Elephant Reintroduction FoundationPDF Version – World Elephant Day Fundraiser (with clickable links)

I adore elephants. In addition to being beautiful creatures, they are known to be incredibly intelligent, caring and even artistic and to have the ability to show behaviors like grief, humor, cooperation. . . (learn more about their amazing brains here) Unfortunately, they are also in danger. . .

Tomorrow is the inaugural World Elephant Day and to celebrate I am donating 20% of the proceeds from any purchase of elephant images in my Etsy shop between August 12 and August 19, 2012 to the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation which seeks “to reintroduce captive elephants into the wild, restore natural habitat with indigenous plants and wildlife, research and educate others about Asian elephants, and promote management of long-term survival of elephants in Thailand and around the world.”

elephant reflection, black and white “rephlection”nursery decor, little pink and chocolate brown vintage elephant little pink elephant, nursery decor

fine art image of an elephant, elephant's eye, gentle giant, image by enframe photography by rachel boyergentle giant

Elephant Family, World Elephant Day Fundraiser family

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