10 Things

the truth? things are slow here photography-wise, it’s still almost 110 degrees out every day (gross) and lately i’ve been creatively stuck, in many ways. it will turn around, i know, but i also know that probably most people go through this in some way or another so i wanted to share it . . .you know, in solidarity and all.

and since i don’t have much to share relative to photography, i thought i’d share a bit about myself . . .

10 things you may not know about me

(in no particular order)

1. i love music. of many kinds and have a very strong emotional reaction to music and especially to seeing music performed live. i am currently obsessed with spotify and being able to listen pretty much any song, any time.

2. i sang in an all-female a cappella group in college. i miss singing. a lot. and i miss the group of amazing women i got to sing with.

2 b. one of my “bucket list” goals is to sing in a gospel choir. . . i’m not sure they’re looking for a white jewish girl . . . but i feel gospel music in my soul and i’m not sure quite why. (those of you who do know this about me are probably sick of hearing me say it and to you i will say that i did recently look into open groups in the phoenix area and while i haven’t found one yet, i’m still actively looking.)

3. being a mom is both the easiest and the hardest thing i have ever done/been. i came across this quote a few years ago and completely agree:

having a child is “to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

4. i secretly (or not so) wish i was martha stewart/june cleaver.

5. before becoming a mom and diving into photography, my background was in social work; though i don’t officially practice anymore/right now, i use the skills i learned as a social worker every day both in my personal life and, i believe, it also informs my photography.

6. i am very much a libra.

7. i hate it when people don’t write in cards and just sign their name.

8. i’m scared of : santa claus, clowns, bumpy textures.

9. i believe in an expanded definition of the word “family”

10. i think pinterest is genius. come pin with me!

11. okay, i know i said 10 things . . . but 11 is my favorite number.

i’d love to read your “10 things” too! so please feel free to share/post them on your blog

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