[ Modern Agave ] Seeing Something Old in a New Way

i’m often drawn to the lines, curves and colors of the different agave around arizona although as much as i love them, it can be easy to ignore something that is all around you.

. . this particular time that i stopped to notice,  i was drawn to one right outside my front door and i saw it as kind of modern and sculptural…it was just after a rain, too,  and the sky was still pretty cloudy so the colors really popped and maybe that’s what drew my attention this time.

i went in a little different direction than usual with the editing of this image because i wanted to bring out the new way i was seeing something i look at almost every day and to draw attention to the complimentary colors . . . what do you think?

agave plant, fine art photograph, modern representation

this image is available in the [en]frame photography Etsy store www.etsy.com/shop/enframephotography

About enframephotography

fine art and lifestyle photographer in scottsdale, arizona specializing in children and family portraiture and special event photography and celebrating all families through meaningful imagery. visit my etsy store: etsy.com/shop/enframephotography follow me on twitter: @enframephoto pin with me on pinterest: www.pinterest.com/enframephoto
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2 Responses to [ Modern Agave ] Seeing Something Old in a New Way

  1. lisa says:

    really like the soft focus

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