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[ Brandon & David ] Engagement Session; Phoenix area Photographer, Michigan Photo Session

When I found out Brandon and David got engaged I literally squealed in happiness and excitement!  Brandon is a dear, dear friend who has a very special place in my heart and though at the time I hadn’t met David, from the photos I’d seen, from what Brandon had told me and from how happy David seemed to make Brandon, I already knew that I liked him loved him and that he was someone special.  Now, of course, he’s made a place in my heart right next to Brandon that I know will be there for our entire lives.

It was a huge honor (and a whole lot of fun!) to travel to Michigan to photograph these two in honor of their engagement. It was a bit of a homecoming for me as well so I appreciate the opportunity to return to the place where, although I spent a relatively few number of years, I left a great deal of my heart. Thank you Brandon and David for the opportunity and for your warm and generous hospitality. And thank you, too, for all your hard work leading up to and during the photo shoot(s) . . . You made my job look (and feel) easy!

I can’t try to express in words how much this experience meant to me and how happy I am for these two. I hope these engagement photos, with the heart and passion that we poured into them and that Brandon and David clearly have for each other, will speak for themselves . . .

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