[ Winter Details ] Creative and Contemplative Photography in Winter

My family and I took a quick trip up to Flagstaff last weekend to play in the snow. We had a blast and I even got an opportunity to take a little photo walk, one of my favorite forms of “therapy.” When I first walked out of our hotel with my camera, I was a little discouraged — the snow wasn’t fresh, there didn’t seem to be a “scene” to capture, but when I started to slow down, to look at the details, light and patterns; to change my perspective a bit and  to remember my love for “the little things,” I was able to find images that caught my eye and to capture some details that I thought illustrated “winter” and these are a few of them . . . of course, I did grow up in the Arizona desert and have only spent a relative few years of my life in towns that have actual winters, so these images may reflect my limited winter perspective (or maybe my rose-colored glasses of someone who is still able to romanticize winter?) . . . but I do love the low, soft light of a late winter afternoon. . .

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