In-home Family Photo Session Cousins Family Photography • Scottsdale, Arizona Family Photographer




“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends” 

Such a joy photographing these cousins in their Scottsdale, Arizona home a few weeks ago. One family was visiting from out of town and they wanted to  capture some special memories of the kids playing together. It was easy to see how much these cousins love each other and enjoy playing together and I love that we were able to photograph a mix of natural, candid moments and  composed moments; of quiet moments and fun-loving memories all of which their families will  be able to cherish for a lifetime. Life goes by so fast, kids change in the blink of an eye; my favorite thing about family photography is being able to freeze a few of those “blink of an eye” moments forever and to document real relationships and “in-between” moments. . .


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