A Reflection on Travel Photography and Photographing the London Eye; London Travel Photography

A quick Google Image Search will provide you with lots of beautiful images of the well-known London Eye.  What I love about travel photography though, and especially in a place like London, is the opportunity and potential to photograph familiar places and images in a different way. London provides lots of opportunities for creativity and different perspectives and the fact that it can be a particularly rainy place at times provides plenty of possibilities for artistic photography (especially when traveling there from Arizona where we hardly ever get to play in the rain!)

I’m certainly not the first nor will I be the last person to photograph the London Eye as reflected in a rain puddle . . . still, I’d like to share a few perspectives of the London Eye as seen through my eyes when we traveled to London this past October. . . I hope you enjoy!

London Travel Photography, Contemplative Photograph of London Eye, Creative Travel Photography

London Travel Photography, Fine Art Photograph, London Eye Reflection in Rain Puddle

London Travel Photography, Black and White Fine Art Image of London Eye Reflection in Puddle

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