Grand Canyon Sunset / Celebrating Marriage Equality in Arizona

It is not lost on me while we were road-tripping around Arizona last week and taking in the varied landscapes and the beauty of this state, that we also got to celebrate the fact that Marriage Equality had finally come to Arizona. I fell a bit more in love with my home state while touring Route 66 and the Grand Canyon this past week and I’m slowly moving away from the “It’s complicated” relationship I have with this place. Sure, we have a lot more work to do before we are truly honoring the diversity of our beautiful state — the landscape and environment and the variety of people who live, work, learn and love here — but we took a big step last week and I can’t help but feel that we are turning a corner.

This painted sky and gorgeous sunset over the South Rim of our Grand Canyon — this natural wonder that brings our state so much pride — took on a whole new meaning shortly after I took this photo and we learned that love had won . . . Arizona, you have become even more beautiful.  We have a lot (more) to be proud of here.

Sunset over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Fine Art Landscape Photography

Join me in celebrating Arizona’s victory and help ensure that equality continues to spread nationwide! 

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A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this image will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign to help ensure that equality continues to be the law of the land not only in Arizona but throughout the United States. 

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