“Spring Elephant” Design Benefits Elephant Conservation

"Spring Elephant" Design Benefits Elephant ConservationI’m a huge elephant lover. The more I learn about elephants, the more I love them and the more I want to do what I can to help protect them. So when I created the “Spring Elephant” design, I knew I wanted to utilize it to help raise money for elephant conservation.

Did you know that elephants are capable of feeling and expressing a wide range of emotions? They are one of the most intelligent animals.  “They commonly show grief, humor, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, tool-use, playfulness, and excellent learning abilities.”  They are a matriarchal and very social society. They depend on their social connections to survive. Elephants are not only gentle giants and beautiful creatures, they are also a vital part of the ecosystem in which they live. 

Ivory poaching and habitat loss are taking a huge toll on the elephant population. In 1989, the U.S. Congress passed the African Elephant Conservation Act aimed at reducing ivory poaching and increasing conservation efforts. Unfortunately – but not surprisingly – the Trump administration reversed a ban on elephant trophy imports in 2017. Elephants are in crisis; Their numbers dwindling. According to the Mara Elephant Project: 


"Spring Elephant" Design Benefits Elephant Conservation
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Top on my bucket list is the experience of seeing elephants in their natural habitat. Until then, I am happy to do what I can to help protect them. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of the “Spring Elephant” design will go to Save the Elephants organization which works to “stop poaching, thwart traffickers and end demand for ivory” as well as “provides cutting-edge scientific insights into elephant behavior, intelligence, and long-distance movement and applies them to the long-term challenges of elephant conservation.”

You can learn more about Save the Elephants by visiting: http://www.savetheelephants.org/what-we-do/

The floral “Spring Elephant” design is available on a variety or products including stickers, art prints and other wall art,  home decor and accessories, t-shirts, and tech accessories . These and other products can be found at Society6 and Etsy

"Spring Elephant" Design Benefits Elephant Conservation

If purchasing one of these products just isn’t your thing, here are some other ways you can help protect elephants. This list was created by Green Global Travel: 

– Do not buy ivory or other wildlife-related products.

– Visit Elephants in countries where they live in the wild. Ecotourism benefits the economy, provides jobs, and deters poachers and abuse.

–  Choose ecotourism operators who support local elephant conservation projects and who treat elephants with respect and dignity.

–  Support organizations that are working to protect habitat for wild elephants and stop the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, and finding solutions for human-elephant conflict.

– Do not support organizations that exploit or abuse elephants and other animals for entertainment and profit.

– Support healthy, alternative, sustainable livelihoods for people who have traditionally relied on elephants, wild animals and natural resources. Learn about indigenous cultures that have traditionally lived in harmony with elephants.

"Spring Elephant" Design Benefits Elephant Conservation
“Spring Elephant”
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