Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kids


Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kids

“Growth Mindset” really seems to be having a moment. More and more, developing a growth mindset is the goal in classrooms, on sports teams, and in general life coaching models.  Growth Mindset products have certainly been a popular item in the ENFRAME Printables store which is why I’ve expanded the line to offer a wider variety of tools for parents and teachers to use to help foster a Growth Mindset in kids.

I only wish we had a formal curriculum around these concepts when I was growing up, but it’s never too late to adopt this way of thinking. So while these Growth Mindset products have been created for classrooms and geared towards children, they are helpful for adults as well. I’ve found just through creating these items that my brain has become more accustomed to the language of a growth mindset and my thoughts (mindset) have changed as a result. It’s a lot easier to kick that “inner mean girl” to the curb with a growth mindset way of thinking!

Here are some helpful tools for fostering a growth mindset in kids including posters, coloring pages, teacher’s notes and resources. . .

Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kids

You might remember from a previous post this original set of six Growth Mindset Posters. These quickly became a best seller in the shop, especially as teachers were headed back to their classrooms after the summer.

UPDATE: These printable posters are now available to purchase directly from this blog post; please see the link at the bottom of this post. 


Due to their popularity, I created an additional set of quotes with a more neutral theme for teachers who may not want a butterfly motif in their classroom. These quickly became a best seller as well. These posters incorporate some quotes from important historical figures:

Positive Mindset Classroom Decor

Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kids

These posters are also available in a “chalkboard” style print: 


Also available is a Growth Mindset “bundle” which includes the butterfly posters above, a coordinating “Growth Mindset Pledge” Poster and printable teacher notes for acknowledging and encouraging growth mindset behavior in the classroom.

Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kids

Growth Mindset Classroom Bundle

Additional Growth Mindset Posters:

In This Classroom We:

Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset


Cactus Theme Growth Mindset Classroom Decor: 


Effort and Attitude Poster: 


Growth Mindset Coloring Pages: 

These Growth Mindset coloring pages will help your students and kids internalize empowering Growth Mindset quotes. They’re great for keeping busy between assignments/activities or for quieting and focusing their minds with a calming activity.

Growth Mindset quotes are paired with beautiful and meditative mandalas for hours of relaxing coloring.

(PS These quotes aren’t just for kids — they also make great New Year’s Resolutions for us adults!)

Tools for Fostering a Growth Mindset in Kidsil_642xN.1694206237_rjiq

Additional Growth Mindset Resources:

To learn more about the Growth Mindset concept and how to practice developing this positive mindset, check out these resources:

(Please note, some of these are affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you.)


Your Fantastic Elastic Brain


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success



The Dot – this is one of my FAVORITE books for kids in general and it just happens to also help develop a Growth Mindset.






Dr. Rick Hanson: The Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness

Mindset Online (More on Carol Dweck’s Book)

Carol Dweck’s TED Talk  “The power of believing that you can improve”

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