10 Fun and Creative Ways to Stay Connected While in Coronavirus Quarantine

10 Fun and Creative Ways to Stay Connected While in Coronavirus Quarantine

Staying connected is more important than ever right now. On top of the anxiety and stress we’re already feeling, quarantine can also feel very isolating and lonely. Social connection is so important for our mental health. Although we’re physically apart from one another, we can still stay connected and let our loved ones know we’re thinking of them. Here are 10 fun and creative ways to stay connected while in Coronavirus quarantine.

Bonus! Participating in many of these activities will also help support small business owners during a difficult time. Win, win! 

1. Send a Self Care Kit


Self Care Package

il_1588xN.2281688259_lbvk.jpgSending Sunshine Quarantine Gift

2. Send a gift celebrating your friendship


Best Friend Mug Sets


Personalized Friendship Heart Tiny Stud Earrings



I Miss Your Face Candle


3. Start a Virtual Book Club

Grab a couple friends and pick some great books to read together! Set a “deadline” for finishing the book and then jump on the phone, text or a zoom call to talk about it. Consider purchasing the books from your local independent bookstores rather than Amazon.


4. Send a hand written note, drawing or coloring page.

10 Fun and Creative Ways to Stay Connected While in Coronavirus Quarantine

Printable Coloring Pages

5. Dream about future plans together

Talk with friends or family about a party you’ll throw or a trip you’ll take when all of this is over. Bonus: collect ideas and inspiration in a shared board on Pinterest!

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.28.09 AM.png

6. Send a DIY craft kit

Left to Right :

DIY Paint Your Pet Kit

DIY Beaded Name Bracelets

Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

DIY Earring Painting Kit


7. Watch a movie “together.”

How to Watch Movies Simultaneously with Your Friends


Don’t forget the snacks!  

8. Purchase a gift card to your favorite neighborhood restaurant or ice cream shop.

Send to a friend with a note and a promise to go there together when all of this is over.


9. Paint rocks and leave them at your neighbors’ doors or around your neighborhood

Here’s a link for supplies to get you started: https://colormadehappy.com/best-painting-rocks-supplies-guide/

10. Don’t forget about your coworkers!

Send them something for their home office – a funny mug, a new desk mat…or call them up and share some “office gossip” about your “coworkers” ( as in: your kids, pets, roommates or spouse)

Extra Large Desk Mats

il_1588xN.2076546739_5qccBrewno Mars Mug


I hope this has given you some good inspiration for staying connected with loved ones while stuck in quarantine.

Be safe, stay home, stay well. xo

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