The Art of Printable Home Decor

The Art of Printable Home Decor

Do you like to update your decor with the changing seasons?

Do you have children that are growing so fast and whose tastes change more often than their underwear?

Are you designing a nursery but in the back of your head thinking “do I really want to shell out all of this dough for a room that my baby will grow out of in two years?”

Do you roam the home decor aisles of your favorite store making a mental list of all the art you want to buy and where you’d hang it in your home only to hear your bank account answer back with a big ol’ “NOPE!” (no? just me?)

Are you constantly pinning swoon-worthy decor and interiors on Pinterest wishing your life was as perfectly curated?! 

If any of these sound familiar, then printable home decor is for you!   (and if they don’t who even are you? Leave a comment below describing what your peaceful coexistence with the overwhelming, ever-changing world of home decor is like so the rest of us can live vicariously . . . ) 

Printable home decor can eliminate all of the above drama — you can stay super chic, super on-trend for a lot less — and it has many other benefits as well: 

Printable home decor is eco -friendly! Printable home decor eliminates the need for wasteful shipping materials and mark-ups. PLUS, you can use your downloaded printable over and over again without re-purchasing (bank account be like “yaaasss, queen!”) and without using additional shipping materials. You can print art for yourself or to give as gifts and you can do so at your convenience. Just be sure you are using it for personal use ONLY. The re-sale of digital downloads or products made with purchased downloads is expressly prohibited.

Printable home decor is customizable! You can print your art in the size that fits perfectly in the space you want to decorate. Most people who sell digital downloads/printable art will create a custom size for you if you don’t see it listed in their shop. Many shops — including mine 😉 — will also customize your digital art for you for a small additional fee. You can add names, dates or whatever you desire. . .

Printable home decor is super easy! No, really, it is! Printing on your own may sound intimidating — after all, you’re not a professional print lab —  or time consuming — “ain’t nobody got time for that!” but it truly isn’t. And, hello? Those are two big reasons why we pay huge mark-ups for the decor we find in the home decor aisles of our fave stores.

Trust me, it’s really not hard. I promise, you can do it:

Benefits of Printable Home Decor

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your printable home decor:

FOR PRINTING AT HOME:Print on bright white matte card stock or cover stock paper in the 80-110 lb range. Look for paper that is “archive friendly.” You could also use photo paper (matte paper is recommended) a nicely textured cotton paper or watercolor paper. Make sure to select the correct paper type from your printer dialog box for best results.


Many office supply stores have copy & print services. Prices are in the .70 cents/page range. You can upload your files online, email your files, or take your files into the store on a USB. Choose bright white card stock or cover stock.


Print like you would any other picture. Costco is one cost-effective option. I highly recommend uploading to for a high quality, affordable online option.

• • •

Seriously, printable home decor is where it’s at my friend! I mean, no one’s gonna argue they take the place of art gallery investment pieces, but for fun, chic, stylish, decor that shows off your personality and is easy to change and rearrange – printables are it!

What do you love about printable home decor? Do you have a favorite from this post? A special request? A question about printables? Leave a comment/question below.

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