Passover Seder Table Decorations | Passover 2022

Passover 2022 is almost here. This year, the holiday begins at sundown on April 15th. Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday so today I am sharing with you some modern Passover Seder table decorations and ideas to help you celebrate. This post is an update from last year including some new ideas for your Passover Seder Table.

I wrote this last year and unfortunately it still rings true . . . For some of us, Passover 2022 will be the first time we are able to safely gather with family members or close friends. Still, some of us will be participating in yet another zoom seder. My wish for all of us, however we celebrate, is that we are able to do so in good health; My heart is with those who will be missing loved ones around their seder table.

For the modern seder table:

Dayenu Passover Reclining Pillow

Passover Reclining Pillow | Passover Seder Table Decorations
Dayenu Passover Reclining Pillow Cover –
Perfect for sitting around your Seder table or as a gift for your Passover host/hostess

Ceramic Modern Seder Plate by Nora Pottery Art

Modern Ceramic Seder Plate | Passover Seder Table Decorations and Passover Gifts


Modern Seder Plate
“This new design of Seder Plate – brings the newest design trends to your Passover Table – made of white smooth Corian® – This modern Judaica center piece designed in rich geometric pattern.
Inspired by the story of exodus and its peak – parting of the red sea, this unique plate desigend in an op-art pattern of waves
The smooth shallow carvings create a sophisticated illustration of light and shadow.”


Lucite Matzah Holder

Lucite Matza Box
“This magnificent MetaLucite Square Matzah Box elevates the simple. . . No more cardboard. Just display. Store all week with the airtight matzah box, and then simply pull out and enjoy this beauty!”

8 Passover Wine Bottle Labels

“We designed this set of peel and stick Passover wine bottle labels with the hopes of make this year’s seder feel not quite as long. Equal parts modern and humorous, even Bubbe will love ’em.”

For the kids’ table:

Printable Pesach Activity Placemat

Keep the kids entertained at your Passover Seder this year with these activity placemats.

Passover Fantasy Rainbow Marzipan Matzah

Why should matzah just be brown? We paint our matzah with our signature rainbow color palette and voilá – fresh color at the Seder table. These 10 matzahs are a unique twist on the traditional Passover Seder!
Made with pure cane sugar and ground California almonds, and crafted by hand, our marzipops are fun for all ages and make delicious and unique party favors, gifts and treats. Marzipan is the perfect dessert for Passover, as it is vegan, gluten-free and contains no corn syrup.”

Let My People Go! Passover Game For Pesach Seder

“FUN PASSOVER GAME! Get out of Egypt quickly! Move your pieces around the board on the journey from exodus to freedom. GREAT FOR ALL AGES! This fun and educational game will keep kids of all ages occupied for hours on end!”

haribo gummi frogs

a fun snack for the kiddos while waiting for dinner

Customized Passover Afikomen Hiding Bag

“A personalized Passover afikomen-hiding bag that your family will enjoy for years and years! This bag comes with a zipper to avoid matzah crumbs all over your house. Order in white, tan, or black!”

matza passover face mask

A gift for your Seder host/hostess:

Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch

Passover Hostess Gift


Passover Hostess Gift
The perfect gift to bring to any Passover seder. Fill with wine bottles, or chocolate, candies, hostess towel, even flowers. Makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

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Passover Seder Table Decorations and Passover Gifts | Pesach 2022 | Passover 2022

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