enframe photo and design, scottsdale, arizonaHey there! Thanks for checking out the ENFRAME blog — a snapshot of photography, design and family life in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My hope is that you’ll find a lot of inspiration and “you do? me too!” here. What began as a blog for photography has grown to include some graphic design (learning as I go) and a side hustle designing affordable, fun, unique home decor and accessories inspired by the many facets of my life.

And I also want to share some of those “many facets” of life with you here – from my journey to paying off debt and getting our budget under control, to life as a boy mom, baseball mom and baseball nut (GO DBACKS! GO RED SOX!) to my experience as a first-time dog mom, to travel inspiration, things I love, things I’m learning and maybe even a tutorial or an inspirational quote here and there. . .we may talk politics from time to time (because the personal IS political) and we may talk hair and makeup and going to the spa cuz I LOVE me some of that, too! Honestly, who knows?! Some posts may not excite you, others may be just what you were looking for . . . I’m sure I’m breaking all sorts of “HOW TO BLOG” rules with this method, but I’m kind of a “figure it out / learn as you go” kinda girl. My only hope is that while I’m figuring it out, you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride!

So, if you’re a mom, a photography enthusiast, a person looking for design inspiration, a baseball enthusiast or baseball mom, nerdy and flirty (remember the politics and makeup thing? i got you) heart-centered, lookin’ for side-hustle inspiration or commiseration, or just looking for yet another place to hang out on the internet  then there’s something for you here. And if you’re the “some days I have my shit together, some days I’m all over the place” type then you’ll DEFINITELY feel at home! Join me on the couch – half of it is decked out in pretty pillows and the other half is covered in clean laundry that I’m avoiding folding and putting away (WHEN will they make a machine that does that part?!)

Thanks for visiting; I look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you, too! Drop a line in the comments to say hi and introduce yourself!


unnamed-5PS: If you’re looking for a more traditional “ABOUT ME” post: I’m a mom to two sweet,active, funny, fun (and sometimes a little ‘tude-y) boys.  In my “past life” (aka “before kids”) I was a child and family therapist and have a Masters in Social Work. I don’t currently practice but the MSW degree is helpful in so many areas of life and I like to think I still get use out of it as a parent, partner and as someone trying (most of the time) to be a decent person. I’m REAL big on equality so if that’s not your thing, this may not be the place for you. I LOVE baseball and being a baseball mom and am on the board of our little league. I used to be a family and lifestyle photographer but have put that on hold for now. I do still co-edit a family and photography blog called life + lens – it’s FULL of gorgeous family photography inspiration, nursery design inspo, milestone events, resources for photographers and more so if you are looking for more of that kind of thing, be sure to check it out! I grew up in Arizona, but over the years I’ve left parts of my heart in Massachusetts and in Michigan before returning home to AZ. Find me on Instagram! @enfamephoto_design@enframephoto

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