1. You are a natural. Your intelligence, warmth and lovely perspective flow as easily here as from your photographs. Look forward to reading more!

  2. Huh, I find the being present thing interesting, as I think sometimes photographing an experience can take a person out of the experience, but I like thinking about how it makes you more observant and appreciative as well.

  3. FM, I agree that photographing an experience can easily turn into being less present although I think the person photographing potentially gets to observe and remember parts of the experience that others don’t. . . kinda makes the idea of viewing the world through a certain lens very literal. . . I also think (and this gets into an idea for another post so I won’t get into it too much) that it’s why I use my iPhone at times that others (with DSLRs) would never consider using anything other than their “real” camera. . . and why I have fewer pictures of E and certain “family moments” than most people with DSLRs. . . it’s a hard balance because of course I want to capture memories and would want to do so with a high quality camera (since I have one; not saying it’s necessary) but I also want to be involved in those moments. . .

    it’s also, incidentally, why i recommended that camera we talked about — smaller, easier to pull out at a moment’s notice and less intrusive as far as taking the person photographing out of the moment.

    i appreciate your comment and the chance to discuss it because it’s definitely a challenge!

  4. Hmmmm…can I comment on wordless wednesday or not? Nice variety of quality shots! Children, hearts, and a vision.

    • (i’m assuming you’re on a mac?) hit shift + command + 4 at the same time and you’ll get a little cross-hairs-like thingy (i’m sure it has a name of which i’m not aware!) and you can drag that across the part you want to capture. i think there are ways to capture a whole page as well, but i don’t know off the top of my head.

  5. I’m loving your blog 🙂 Glad to have found it! When I get home later I’m going to stalk your chevron board on Pinterest haha. I will find it!

  6. I love texture myself, beautifully captured textures! I personally don’t go overboard with sharpness. I like the bottom one the most! Perhaps you could do one sometime with chalk dust added for atmosphere. Might be neat.

  7. Really enjoyed reading this, i feel very much the same about my own photography, My MA project was called “Nature of Contemplation” – playing between the nature/qualities of that frame of mind (particularly when taking the photos), and the fact that my photographs/video work was taken in woodlands and was very much intrinsic to the purpose of the project and what allowed me to settle into that frame of mind, allowing me to create the work etc etc etc….

    And i totally agree with the whole family portrait/event thing, i’m RUBBISH at taking photos when i’m socialising in any way, its just a different approach i guess, not to mention different style, technique and all that… i love to be in the moment, but love looking back at photos afterwards (that other people have inevitably taken)… damn i need to sort this out!!! hehe xx
    Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  8. p.s. the second post is TOTALLY the hardest, i’m itching to get on with my third so the second isn’t effectively the one representing me!! glad im not the only one who found it hard!! 😛

  9. Wow. I LOVE the commentary. It made seeing the image extra sweet. As a Mom whose children are now in their 20’s, I would have loved to have such a thoughtful photographer take pictures of them. I did the best I could at the time. Those eyelashes are to die for and this memory will live on through your beautiful work.

  10. thank you for such a thoughtful comment, kim! it means a lot to me! i’m sure you have many wonderful photographs of your kids and i know you continue to photograph them beautifully as i’ve seen a bit on instagram and your blog. i’m so thankful for digital photography for that reason — i haven’t always been good about documenting my son, his development and all my thoughts in other ways (i have notes scribbled in various journals as well as emails i’ve been sending to an address i set up for him) but at least i have some images…although these days i have to sneak them in!

  11. It doesn’t get any better than child photography. A beautiful photo that definitely caught one of the little things that make children special. What an expression caught with a unique perspective. Very nice shot and if you always base your business on the little things your business will continually grow bigger and stronger.

    Photography and art really does make you and stop and consider the little things. It is amazing how many times you photo a flower and begin processing it to find an insect you never saw while photographing. Maybe I should be more studious! 🙂 Or look more at the “little things!” 🙂

      • I sure try but I photographed a model yesterday and didn’t even notice she was wearing a feather on her earrings until I uploaded the photos! 🙂 It really is amazing how often we don’t really look. I read about a professional photographer that gives workshops where you can only photograph within a 10′ x 10′ space for four hours to teach people to really look at what they photographing and missing. Kind of a good idea.

    • you’re welcome! if you have a tax id, you should definitely sign up for the “prodeal” — nice discount. i think you’ll really love the look and quality! keep me posted if/when you give it a try.

  12. Dear Rachel,

    I am so touched by this letter and your willingness to put into words how the workshop affected you. It confirmed my decision not to have a formal survey this time. Every person’s experience is unique and it’s important for me to know about the individual experience.

    I so appreciated your contributions to the group. You are, for sure, an intuitive photographer, and it is a good thing to reflect on the why of what you are drawn to. It does teach you things about yourself. I too find photography to be restorative as well, and learning to expand on what we normally see is definitely life-enhancing.

    Now you know why I wanted to share my experience in New Brunswick of learning to see. It is so exciting for me to facilitate that process through my workshops. Thanks again, Rachel, for writing such a thoughtful review. I really appreciate it.

    Keep seeing!


  13. […] One of the participants in my Photo By Design class helped me to see this and allowed me to see myself as more of a facilitator than teacher. Rachel said this about the Photo By Design workshop. it has given more voice to my photography. as i’ve always felt, photography allows me to communicate with the world in a way that i’m not able to otherwise. but i didn’t always have the words for WHY i was shooting an image the way i was or WHY i am drawn to certain imagery; WHAT i want to shoot, HOW i want to shoot it. even the term “contemplative photography” was exciting for me to learn as it gave a name to what i think i’ve been doing for a long time without realizing it. you’ve helped me become a more confident photographer in shooting and in speaking about my work. ~ Rachel, [en]framed photography […]

  14. […] excited to see them and honored to take these special photographs. i’ll be taking my new BFF, the 24-70 as it has been serving me well so far and i don’t like to be too far from it at any given […]

  15. oh my lord, that first photograph is awesome! honestly one of my favourite photographs I’ve seen in ages! Just a beautiful moment you’ve caught, reminds me of a photo by Cartier Bresson or Man Ray or someone really famous that I can’t (but should!) remember who!!! Would you mind if i share it on facebook p’raps? Or my blog? Lovely! 🙂

  16. hi, cat! thanks so much for your lovely comment. i’m excited about this one, too and love how the reflection of the tree and building in the window on top of the vignette makes it look like a collage or a layer of multiple pictures in one. i wouldn’t mind at all if you share as long as you link back to my blog or my website or something. thanks so much!

  17. cool, thanks! The rest are great too – makes me really want to go back to NY and go with my bf! That first one is extra special tho 🙂
    I’ve only briefly been to NY for about 5 days – it was a trip on my BA photography course which is about 6 years ago now, but i loved it! would really love to go back – the photos i’d take now would be so different! ahhh…one day….. 😉

  18. Done 🙂
    If you could do the same for me I would really appreciate it.
    Instacanvas.as/Peactea. Good luck!

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  20. These are awesome!!!! You did such a great job!! You seem to have that natural eye for detail! Alice

  21. Thank you so much Rachel. This whole experience has been such a ride and it is so deeply special to me to be able to have it captured by your lens. Love you so much, and the little one is very excited to meet you someday soon too!

  22. amen! . . . i’ve gone from trying to find the perfect purse to trying to find the perfect diaper bag and now to trying to find the perfect camera bag. . . wait a minute…i’m starting to think maybe the problem is me. . . 😉

  23. Hi there.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to meet a local blogger! A million years ago I majored in photography but remember almost nothing anymore. 🙂

  24. Must be the moon! I’ve been in the same place this week, though quite unintentionally. I had to find balance, and my goal to post a photo a day slipped – just when my readership was starting to show a significant jump 🙁 I did brainstorm a number of creative ideas I am looking forward to realizing over the next week, so that was cool.

  25. yes, yes, let’s definitely blame it on the moon! i like that! . . . and speaking of “moon” there is going to be a “super moon” on saturday so get your camera ready!! 🙂

    i think/hope that readership sticks around… we’re all only human, right?! i hope this week has been restorative for you. looking forward to seeing the results of your brainstorming!

  26. Fine looking young man and a very beautiful black and white portrait. The light couldn’t be anymore crisp. For me a black and white portrait cannot get anymore beautiful! Great job.

  27. Thank you so much for the review! You did a great job, and we’re really happy you’re enjoying your canvas. Thanks for being a part of the community.

    -Team Instacanv.as

  28. Thank you for sharing this information. I am so excited to try this out next week. I will most defineitly referance this post on my blog when my photo come out. Thanks again!

  29. Glad to hear you are impressed with the results! I always trust a photographer’s opinion on quality of prints – I think we tend to be a lot fussier and picky about print quality, so its really reassuring to hear you think they are good quality – and as a result I think I might just check it out!! 🙂 x

  30. Great review. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m relatively new to Instagram, but I love it more and more every day!
    Still trying to figure out exactly how Instacanvas works though… Actually that’s what brought me here in the first place… 😉
    Btw, I visited your gallery. Lovely artwork! Mine is instacanv.as/laliou. You can drop by anytime… I’d really appreciate your feedback! 🙂
    Greetings from Greece!

  31. It’s my favorite city for reason! Great wrap up post; next time, you should be sure to check out the Exploratorium and another great ice cream spot is Humphrey Slocumbe!

    • hi lizz! thanks for stopping by and for your comment! we actually did visit the exploratorium and loved it; just felt like this post was already a little long, but you’re right that it’s a great spot! and i will be sure to put that ice cream place on my list for the next time we’re in SF! 🙂

  32. Thanks for your visit to the coast! We did this trip last year, but didn’t explore like you did. My wife would of loved to have explored like you and family did. Now we know of the different places to visit.

    John Nolan
    Great photography!

  33. Great review. Just open up mine on instacanv.as with my username @dagnymoen. I’m also new to instagram/instacanvas.
    Thank you 🙂

    Best Regards

  34. Thanks for posting! Great peace of mind for the amateur photographer – like me – having set up a gallery and feeling unsure about the quality. My gallery has just opened – I’d really appreciate any constructive feedback instacanv.as/c_j_b_s

    • Funny, bc HC and I were just talking about the possibility of a girls weekend in Big Sur… Whaddyathink? (and/or I’d be happy to share all the details for a getaway for you and B)

  35. I just did the road trip on Highway1 and was thinking about a longer stay in Big Sur next time…Lovely pictures!

  36. Just when I think I am done shedding a tear everytime I look at these photos.. wonderful Rach goes and does this totallly… menschette (no.. that’s not a word, but, for some reason mensch always had a masculine characterization)…. blog post! YOU my dear are the inspiration. Your photography business, blogging all while raising creative, smart, happy boys!
    I”m honored to be a role model as a MOBs! My “mensch” sons make it easy! I am very lucky and extremely proud of my men! I hope it shows in this family memento!
    Love you…

  37. If you ever come back to Michigan come visit me at BrightonBeadsandMore.com in Brighton, Mi.

    I was zooming thru Pinterest, looking for ideas to turn into paintings, when I came to the beautiful engagment photos of Brandon and David. I was going to leave a comment on hpw you could feel their love in the photo ….. when suddenly I looked and I was writing and Pinning under my HUSBANDS email. Truly LOL.

    I am old and not particularly computer savy …. so I have 2 Pinterest accounts, both are mine. But one under my husbands name. Hewants to Pin, but I need 2 accounts.

    My grandson (6 mo. old) moved to Phonix with his parents last Thursday. How far are you.

    • oh my goodness, nancy! i am sorry – i’m just seeing this post now. thank you for your very kind words! i’m so glad you enjoy these images. I am not far from phoenix. i hope your grandson and his parents are enjoying it here. i will hopefully be back to michigan soon and would love to check out your bead shop! all the best! rachel

  38. […] It has given more voice to my photography. as i’ve always felt, photography allows me to communicate with the world in a way that i’m not able to otherwise. but I didn’t always have the words for WHY I was shooting an image the way I was or WHY I am drawn to certain imagery; WHAT I want to shoot, HOW I want to shoot it. Even the term “contemplative photography” was exciting for me to learn as it gave a name to what I think I’ve been doing for a long time without realizing it. You’ve helped me become a more confident photographer in shooting and in speaking about my work. ~ Rachel, [en]framed photography […]

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    • These are great ideas! Thank you! I’m gonna keep that in mind regarding the rebate cards (in fact, I just got one in the mail that I was worried about using effectively) and I am really excited to get those key tags off my key ring and onto the app! Thank you!

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