it’s the little things

if you’ve stopped by my portfolio in the past or follow me on one of the many social media outlets, you probably already know “it’s the little things” is kinda my motto and what i consider a significant part of my photography. it’s also something i try to remember in my daily life though admittedly sometimes often forget.

one of my favorite things to photograph is a detail that might otherwise be overlooked or to make something “little” more significant in a photo . . . i sometimes do this by placing a focus point in the camera on a detail that caught my eye and then choosing my settings to bring it out and/or by working to bring out a detail in post processing.

i love that photography reminds me to appreciate and celebrate the little things. sometimes days can get monotonous and learning to find the little “gems” in the day can make all the difference. as a parent, all too fast the “little” details on our little ones disappear … the dimples in their elbows (my dad’s favorite detail on my little one and one of mine, too) a curl in their hair, those little fingers and toes, cheeks that stick out beyond their ears, their voice, the way they pronounce a word  . . . you think you’re going to be able to enjoy and remember those things forever and then one day you wake up and your little one has changed so much, seemingly overnight or you’ve forgotten something you thought for sure you never would. my son is only four (“and a half!”, he would say)  and i already feel this way! i wish i could record every.single.detail. i often say that i’d like to walk around with a video camera attached to my head and just follow my son all day long. i’m sure he’d  just LOVE that! 😉

this weekend i had the pleasure and honor of photographing two wonderful children who are as sweet as they are beautiful. both of them have long, dark, luxurious eyelashes that many of us would do anything for! as i was photographing them i was thinking about how as a parent this was one of those details that i’d want to hold on to forever and so i tried to capture it — to make something i’d want to look at years and years down the road when i’ve forgotten the details about what they look, smell, feel, sound like; forgotten the challenges and also probably forgotten some of the good times, too. here is that image. i have to admit, i’m pretty proud of it . . . it’s not every time that i’m able to think about an image, take an image and then complete the image in the way i originally envisioned it in the first place and that captures what i was thinking and feeling at the time i took it. i know this image may not be as emotionally charged for you as it is for me (that’s part of the wonder of photography, after all!) but i thank you for the opportunity to share it and my thoughts . . .

children's photographer, scottsdale, arizona, [en]frame photography by rachel boyer
it's the little things


  1. Wow. I LOVE the commentary. It made seeing the image extra sweet. As a Mom whose children are now in their 20’s, I would have loved to have such a thoughtful photographer take pictures of them. I did the best I could at the time. Those eyelashes are to die for and this memory will live on through your beautiful work.

  2. thank you for such a thoughtful comment, kim! it means a lot to me! i’m sure you have many wonderful photographs of your kids and i know you continue to photograph them beautifully as i’ve seen a bit on instagram and your blog. i’m so thankful for digital photography for that reason — i haven’t always been good about documenting my son, his development and all my thoughts in other ways (i have notes scribbled in various journals as well as emails i’ve been sending to an address i set up for him) but at least i have some images…although these days i have to sneak them in!

  3. It doesn’t get any better than child photography. A beautiful photo that definitely caught one of the little things that make children special. What an expression caught with a unique perspective. Very nice shot and if you always base your business on the little things your business will continually grow bigger and stronger.

    Photography and art really does make you and stop and consider the little things. It is amazing how many times you photo a flower and begin processing it to find an insect you never saw while photographing. Maybe I should be more studious! 🙂 Or look more at the “little things!” 🙂

      • I sure try but I photographed a model yesterday and didn’t even notice she was wearing a feather on her earrings until I uploaded the photos! 🙂 It really is amazing how often we don’t really look. I read about a professional photographer that gives workshops where you can only photograph within a 10′ x 10′ space for four hours to teach people to really look at what they photographing and missing. Kind of a good idea.

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