How to Style the Perfect Bag | The Sapahn Ciara Wallet and Crossbody

Guys, I did it. I found the perfect bag; the bag that does it all! The bag that goes from day to night and everything in between. The Ciara Wallet and Crossbody bag by Sapahn is so thoughtfully designed and beautiful. I’m so excited to share it with you today and to show you how to style this perfect bag!

Full disclosure, I purchased the Sapahn Ciara Wallet and Crossbody bag at a discount in exchange for testing it out and giving feedback before the Fall launch. However, there was no obligation to promote or like the bag… Which is good because I don’t like it… I LOVE it! (listen, I have a seven year old at home. This is the level of my humor these days.)

Why is the Ciara the perfect bag? The short answer is that this bag can pretty much do it all. The Ciara can go from day to night; from running a few errands to being your “it” bag for travel (as in, IT is the only bag you’ll need.) It’s made of buttery soft premium leather, has a retractable wristlet for using as a wallet or a clutch as well as a removable strap for use as a cross-body or belt bag. It features strong magnetic closures, super chic signature hardware on the outside and beautiful floral lining on the inside of the pockets as well as plenty of cards slots and a dedicated spot for my ID. It fits my phone, my keys, my vaccination card, a spare mask, a lip gloss… Somehow this magical bag fits everything I need without being bulky or lookin’ like one of my kids’ overstuffed sock drawers.

The longer answer to why I love this bag is this: I am a mom which often translates to “carrier of everyone’s sh*t” Need a pen? A jacket? Some water? A crayon? Pad of paper? A wipe? Hand sanitizer? A snack? I got you. I’ve always carried it all in my giant mom tote bag. But my kids aren’t all that little anymore, my days are a bit more my own, and when we go out as a family, my kids either need fewer things or they are capable of carrying their own stuff. I realized I don’t really need to be carrying a giant bag around most days anymore and so I began my search for the perfect ME bag. Couldn’t be too small, but I didn’t want it to be too big either. I also loved the idea of something hands free when I wanted it to be and I didn’t want to constantly have to shuffle my belongings from a clutch to a slightly larger bag to a shoulder bag or tote depending on my plans for the day.

Was I asking too much from a bag? APPARENTLY NOT!

The Ciara Wallet and Crossbody is so versatile! It works as a wallet, a clutch, a wristlet, a crossbody, a shoulder bag AND a belt bag. ( I feel like a late night informercial “it slices! it dices!…” but truly, this bag “does it all!”) I’m often running out of the house for a school drop off or pick-up or to run errands and I love that, no matter what I’m wearing or my plans for the day, I can grab the Ciara and just go! And when I do still need to carry the giant mom tote from time to time, I can just toss the Ciara in there and I’m all set!

I chose the Moss colored bag from their Fall collection which is this gorgeous dark olive-y green… I love that it works as a neutral but isn’t black, brown or grey. I tend to wear a lot of black or navy and this bag compliments both beautifully but would work with lots of other colors as well. It was hard to choose from all the beautiful options though; the other colors in the Fall line are just as gorgeous and complimentary.

The Ciara not only works in a variety of ways and with a variety of styles, it’s also sized for a variety of bodies. I love that the optional strap is long enough to be used as a belt bag that fits on a variety of body types and sizes. With the optional strap fully extended, the bag and strap measure over 62″.

And it’s not just the bag I love, it’s the women behind the bag and their mission and ethical practices, that have really turned me into a fan.

“Each Sapahn piece is handcrafted by 22 artisans in Thailand who earn a fair wage and are able to achieve financial independence through your purchase.”

So now that we’ve established that the Ciara is the perfect bag for pretty much anyone, here are some tips for how to style the perfect bag:

How to Style the Perfect Bag

How to style the perfect belt bag:

As the name suggests, belt bags are great for using as, well… a belt! They’re perfect for pairing with a loser fitting dress or top and using the bag to define your waist.

The Ciara is also perfect for throwing on while running errands. Love being hands free and not having to carry a heavy bag on my shoulder!

How to style the perfect crossbody bag:

I love throwing a cross body on under a jacket.

How to style the perfect clutch:

Since this drop-waist shirt dress already has a tie waist, a belt bag isn’t really necessary (though could work) and a cross body would kind of disrupt the casual “lived in” look of this dress. The Ciara is perfect as a clutch or wristlet in this case.

How to style the perfect wristlet:

The Ciara looks great dressed up or down!

How to Style the Perfect Bag for Travel:

A pair of joggers, a tank and a jean jacket with the Ciara as a belt bag make travel easy! Everything is at your fingertips while still leaving your hands free for your carry-on. Your phone, passport/ID, boarding pass and any other documents fit easily in the Ciara.

Your Passport fits perfectly in a pocket of the Ciara Wallet and Cross Body making this bag perfect for traveling.

How to Style the Perfect Bag for a Night Out

What do you think? Is the Ciara a bag you’d love to have in your wardrobe? I love that it replaces the need for many different types of bags, don’t you? Is Sapahn a brand you’d feel good about supporting? I hope this post has given you and appreciation for this new, ethical brand as well as given you some fun outfit inspiration! Let me know in the comments what you think about the bag, any questions you have or which outfit you’d rock!

xo, Rachel

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