Photo-Shoot Checklist

Photo Shoot Checklist

***This post has been updated with a more modern version of this handy Photo Shoot Checklist***

This is a printable photo shoot checklist for your next photo session or wedding. Of course, every photographer has her own preferences and needs based on what she photographs as well as her own unique things she likes to keep in her camera bag. This Photo Shoot Checklist is pretty extensive though and should cover most of the important reminders when preparing for a shoot. I’ve included some blank spaces so that you can fill in your own specific needs.  Save this image to your desktop to print a copy; keep a copy on you mobile device or import into an app like Goodnotes.

My favorite part of this list is the reminder to reset the camera settings. I’m always forgetting to reset the ISO!

Photo Shoot Checklist | Printables for Photographers | Printable Photo Shoot Checklist
Photo Shoot Checklist

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What would you add to this Photo Shoot Checklist? Leave a comment below!

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  1. amen! . . . i’ve gone from trying to find the perfect purse to trying to find the perfect diaper bag and now to trying to find the perfect camera bag. . . wait a minute…i’m starting to think maybe the problem is me. . . 😉

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