help a sister [and scott kelby] out

just got an email that scott kelby’s latest (4th) book in his “the digital photography book” series is now available for pre-order. obviously i haven’t read it yet since it just came out but i do have the first three books in this series and highly recommend them. mine are significantly dog-eared. scott kelby has a gift for writing about technical stuff in a non-technical way and making it feel like you’re sitting with him over coffee discussing his vast knowledge of photography.

you’ll find a LOT of useful information in these books. one of the elements i most appreciate is that when he makes recommendations for various gear, he gives you the best options at three different price points and helps you decide what you really NEED given your goals for photography and your budget. i also love the “recipes” for how to get various shots and that he addresses a variety of fields in photography; you never know when you might want to try something new! and bonus — they won’t cost you a ton of $ which is a nice change of pace when you’re a photography lover!

these are the kinds of books you leave on your shelf and refer to time and again.

“but you don’t have to take MY word for it” (if you get this reference we can be BFFs) …just check out the NUMEROUS glowing reviews on amazon! book 1 seems to be most popular/most reviewed, but i think it’s worth having all three… now four.

ps – here’s where i’m obligated to tell you (which i’d do anyway, i swear!) that i totally get a little extra ¢ if you click through these links to buy your books, so go ahead and help a sister out! 😉


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