How to Choose the Right Fabric Face Mask

Fabric Face Masks are here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. You may even wonder how to choose the right fabric face mask for your or your family member(s.) It’s helpful to have multiple masks on hand in a variety of types and styles for different situations.. Here are some things to think about when wondering how to choose the right fabric face mask. Remember – wearing is caring.

How to Choose the Right Fabric Face Mask

Please note: these masks are not medical grade and information included in this post is not intended as medical advice. These masks have been chosen editorially. In some cases, I may receive a small commission from the purchase of a mask featured in this post.

What is the face mask made of?

What kind of fabric is it made of? Is the fabric breathable? Does the fabric face mask feature multiple layers of fabric? Does the fabric have any special qualities? Experts recommend multiple layers of fabric for increased effectiveness. Features beyond that are an added bonus.

I have a few of these masks and I really like them. My family members do as well, including my kids. These fabric face masks are simple and very comfortable to wear and as a bonus, the fabric is produced with Silverplus® technology. This prevents the growth of bacteria which cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining, and deterioration. They also feature two layers of fabric. They are sold in packs of 3 for $13.95 and come in two different sizes.

Check out this 3-pack of fabric face masks infused with Silverplus® technology.

Is the mask washable and reusable?

Disposable masks are great for buying bulk, but if you’re someone that needs to leave the house often for work or errands, you burn through ’em pretty fast. It’s nice to have some face mask options that are washable and reusable. (It’s important to note that if the masks are marketed as reusable, they must also be washable.) This floral print cotton face mask is washable and reusable. Simply hand wash in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry.

How does the mask stay on?

It is also recommended that masks fit snugly to your face and can be secured with ties or loops – either ear loops or loops that stretch around the back of your head. Do you prefer ear loops? And if so, do you like the stretchy elastic loops or fabric ones? I have noticed with my younger child, that elastic ear loops bother his ears but fabric ear loops do not. Are the loops adjustable?

Or do you prefer elastic straps that stretch around the back of your head? Or straps that tie behind your head? The straps that go behind one’s head might feel more secure but may bother you if they’re too tight or may mess with your hair style, which some people may prefer to avoid. I also find that sometimes my hair gets caught in the masks with ties, but I like that the ties are adjustable.

Whichever you prefer, here are some good options with these various features:

Would this mask be good for a child?

Finding the right masks for kids can be tricky because often they are too large or kids find certain features uncomfortable. Most schools will be requiring kids to wear masks when they eventually return to the classroom so it’s important to find good ones. We love this 3 pack of decorate-them-yourself fabric masks from Free to Be Kids. My younger son wears these without complaint and loves that he can color them in whatever way he wants. We even tie-dyed one and it came out looking great! Or you could use washable markers to decorate them and re-decorate with each wash!

Is the face covering multi-functional?

Perhaps you don’t want to keep dropping tons of money on masks that you may only wear on occasion if you don’t go out that often or that you won’t wear if/when masks are no longer required. In that case, neck gaiters are the perfect solution! They have a funny name, but serve many purposes — neck gaiters can be used as a headband, hair tie, scarf, wrist band, hat. Check out this video that shows you the numerous ways to wear a neck gaiter.

Neck gaiters are also great for an active lifestyle, Covid or not. Neck gaiters are often worn in an effort to filter out dust particles when hiking, cycling or riding a motorcycle.

Here are some great stylish neck gaiters to consider:

Does the mask have a filter pocket?

Wearing a mask along with a filter is not a requirement but it can increase the effectiveness of your mask and may be an important feature for many people. It can be hard to find comfortable well-fitting masks that also have filter pockets, but I have found that these masks from society6 work quite well and are very comfortable and breathable.

If you do choose to use a filter with your mask, make sure you are changing the filter at least once a week; more often if you are using it daily. Click here to purchase the type of filters that are recommended for fabric face masks.

Here are some fabric face masks with filter pockets that I designed, but you can also find many, different kinds of designs for these masks on Society6. You’re bound to find a style that fits your personality!

Do the mask show off your personal style?

If it’s important to you to rock your personal style while wearing your mask, there are endless options to choose from! Here a few that caught my eye. . .

Tanya Taylor Face Masks
leopard print face masks
reversible herringbone face mask

and now for perhaps the most important question of all 😉 . . .

Do you want to coordinate with your dog?

Believe it or not, if your answer to this question is “yes,” Etsy has you covered!

Dog Bandana and Face Mask

With all of the different options out there, you’re bound to find some fabric face masks that work well for you. It’s so important that we wear or masks and care for others as well as ourselves. Hopefully this post has helped you figure out how to choose the right fabric face mask for almost any situation or preference.

Stay healthy and safe! xo, Rachel

Ear loops or ties? One layer or two? Filter pocket or no filter pocket? Here’s how to find the perfect fabric face mask for you! #maskup #wearingiscaring

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