texture study

been paying a lot of attention to texture this week . . . i LOVE texture and have an album dedicated to color and texture in my portfolio. if you have some time, i’d love for you to check it out: [en]frame photography: color and texture.

this post isn’t going to be my ode to texture, and i promise i could write one! just a couple shots i took this morning for the class i’m taking . . . i was drawn to the texture (and color and shape) of both the wall, the floor, the chalk dust and the chalk itself and tried to capture it . . . i processed these two shots quite a bit in LR and PSE and i’m not 100% sure how i feel about that; was trying to bring out the texture and color without going overboard . . . not sure if i achieved that. anyway, wanted to share with you:

texture study, chalk
texture study, chalk; ISO 1250 f/5.6 1/80
texture study, chalk
texture study, chalk; ISO 2500, f/8 1/100

as i think about it, i should’ve bumped up the ISO and then shot at a faster shutter speed because i was crouched down and definitely not as stable;  these shots could be sharper.  i’m not yet conditioned to how well my current camera deals with noise and forget that i can go pretty high on the ISO before there’s a lot of noise . . . and anyway, noise may not have hurt these shots too much?  what do you think?

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  1. I love texture myself, beautifully captured textures! I personally don’t go overboard with sharpness. I like the bottom one the most! Perhaps you could do one sometime with chalk dust added for atmosphere. Might be neat.

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